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  • Webinar | IGIMec - Build your Future

    iGIMec BUILD YOUR FUTURE iGIMec We are a family owned and operated business. iGIMec - online content platform that creates a fusion between Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management IGIMec, more than an event, seeks to be a platform of knowledge that aims to reach first the current and former students of the department (DEMGI), but also the community in general, exploring the capacity and digital technology available today More information STUDY AREAS INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEPOSITIONS ... ..., ... CONTACTS

  • Podcasts | iGIMec

    Podcast Lean learning factory aplicado no processo de aprendizagem Paulo Joaquim Antunes Vaz 00:00 / 19:46


    FORMAÇÃO ACADÉMICA Ano letivo 2021/2022 Mais Apresentações Mais Podcasts Mais Newsletter Mais

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